Automatic Fiber Gun

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Automatic Fiber Gun

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Automatic fiber gun

Title:Automatic fiber gun
Category:Automatic Fiber Gun
Description:The noo fiber gun is a fine, atomized coating gun. With glue glue accurately, equipped with imported electromagnetic valve and close the filter, is not easy to be blocked, not easy to deformation. Applied to the non-woven fabric industry and the sanitary goods industry.

NUOSHENG hot melt fiber is widely used in gun hygiene (diapers, sanitary napkins and other disposable items), air filter, non-woven composite, product assembly, clothing, sticker, packaging (carton packaging, cigarette case, wine box, gift boxes, glasses boxes, craft boxes, jewelry boxes, color box packaging glue dispensing viscose glue), composite coating industry (trademark label paper, double-sided tape, medical tape), product assembly (home appliances, furniture fitting, wire and cable, automotive industry (Interior) seal, light manufacturing, windshield assembly and other industries).

NUOSHENG hot melt adhesive fiber gun:
1, the precision and unique design of the fiber nozzle, the structure is reasonable and simple, easy to clean.

2, spray glue control precision, excellent atomization effect, truly non-woven, perforated film without reverse osmosis glue phenomenon.

3, reasonable, flexible filter design, effectively reducing the nozzle blockage phenomenon, is conducive to cleaning.

4, the nozzle combination of flexible, precise spraying position, according to the requirements of different spray width can be adjusted at any time.

5, the fiber nozzle is made of stainless steel and stainless steel. It is durable and not easy to deform.

6, high temperature resistant MAC imported electromagnetic valve effectively and precisely control the coating glue at.


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