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The use of hot melt adhesive machine and daily maintenance2014-09-04

A, hot melt glue machine in the installation of security matters:1 installation of hot melt adhesive machine, must be connected to a correct and effective grounding. Any use of high-voltage devices require a ground, without the use of ground, there are...[more]

Teach you some simple problems with hot melt adhesive machin...2014-09-04

China packaging industry in constant development, has created great opportunities for the packaging industry, at the same time hot melt adhesive machine in the packaging industry has been highlighted. Hot melt glue machine is widely used in sanitary pr...[more]

Roson hot melt adhesive machine a platform of various types2014-09-04

The market demands for spraying technology is increasing day by day, roson and proposes a hot melt adhesive spraying machine electronic commutation technology. Base machine a standard, with a variety of specifications, and various equipment combination...[more]

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