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Automation machine

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NuoSheng automation machine

Title:NuoSheng automation machine
Category:Automation machine
Description:NUOSHENG automation equipment is an automatic hot melt glue machine, automatic gluing, automatic conveying. The spray speed and line speed can be adjusted. Widely used in gift boxes, cosmetics boxes, food boxes, daily necessities, boxes and other packaging boxes.

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Characteristics of automation equipment:
Easy to operate, can store thousands of files, can import CAD files for complex editing.
The utility model has the advantages of high speed, high precision, good stability and environmental sanitation.

The fastest 9 products per minute, and the minimum 6

Main features of hot melt adhesive machine:
1. save glue: the use ofautomaticsprayingcontrol system is stable, the effect of spraying uniformity, glue spraying width 3~150mm, width 3~6mm, save the amount of glue 30%~40% than artificial glue.
2. save labor: the spraying speed, long working time, high production efficiency, save manual 4-6.
3., easy to operate: manual, foot and automatic control system; touch screen can be arbitrarily set rules and irregular graphics, according to the surface of the object handle handle drawing.
4. energy conservation and environmental protection: the machine is equipped with suction filtration system, spray the smell and the excess glue suction filtration treatment; standby full sealing, prevent glue.
5. spray gun left, right, upper and lower adjustable, glue automatically tracking speed, automatically adjust the amount of glue.

6. rack structure with stainless steel structure.

Complete sets of automatic equipment parts details:
Serial number                          name                                         unit                quantity                 remark
1                             hot melt adhesive machine                        table                 1
2                                       adhesive cement                              Table                 1
3                                          single melt machine                       KG                    8
4                                             spray structure                             table                  1
5 stainless steel panel, shield, spray coating cover               pcs                    1
6                                           chrome plated                               parts                  1
7                                           smoke eliminator                          pcs                    1
8                         servo motor and control module cover         pcs                    1                     Panasonic E series
9                           man-machine interface platform                pcs                      1                              WEN
10                                         inverter station                               pcs                    1                                 delta
11                               AC frequency conversion electromechanical station     1                                 delta
12                                      low voltage motors                                                      1                     OMRON, CHINT


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