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How to install the hot melt glue machine?2014-09-04

Hot melt glue machine installation:1 the hot melt glue machine placed in the appropriate location close to the base, to determine the operating panel is easy to observe the operation of the cover, plastic barrels, enough space can be opened, in order t...[more]

How to choose a good hot melt adhesive throat?2014-09-04

Hot melt adhesive machine throat inferior is likely to appear in some of the following questions:1 The insulating layer is easy to wear, appear leakage phenomenon;2 insulation sleeve fracture appear leakage phenomenon;3 The joint rust will appear leaka...[more]

Repair of hot melt adhesive machine need to pay attention to...2014-09-04

Maintenance and repair of hot melt adhesive machine, should pay attention to the following points:Before 1 the repair work, you must first cut off the power supply of hot melt adhesive machine, shall not be charged operation.2 in the repair work, worke...[more]

How to clean the hot melt glue machine?2014-09-04

For the development of hot melt adhesive machine, glue machine high temperature operation is understood, so cleaning rubber machine has some security hidden danger.And now to talk about how to clean hot melt glue machine:First, the heating tank filter ...[more]

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