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Application of hot melt adhesive packing in cartons will be more and more widely

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As a new type of carton, carton sealing form, hot melt adhesive sealing has been partially replaced the strapping packaging and packaging tape traditi...
As a new type of carton, carton sealing form, hot melt adhesive sealing has been partially replaced the strapping packaging and packaging tape traditional, carton packaging carton packaging and wine, dairy and other products used in all kinds of food. Because of its good packing quality, beautiful appearance and low cost advantages, application of hot melt adhesive sealing will be more and more widely.

Hot melt adhesive sealing advantage
Hot melt adhesive sealing, is the use of hot melt machine the hotmelts melting into liquid, then through hot melt machine throat and spray gun, to the carton surface after cooling, hot melt adhesive. It can meet the carton sealing requirements, but also overcomes the defects of traditional carton sealing form.

A good packing quality
Shipping cartons must be able to withstand the temperature, humidity and rough handling, but the use of tape is difficult to meet this requirement, because of its poor adhesion strength, tensile strength, and for coating or oily paperboard adhesive is not strong.
The hot melt adhesive and wet material has good binding, strong penetrability, corrugated paper and liner board in the adhesive effect between physics and chemistry, enhance the overall strength of adhesion after the carton, carton is not easy to deformation and cracking. In addition, hot melt adhesive coating system can be the key parts, rubber pressure applied to various shapes such as: carton folding cover.
Secondly, tolerance to low temperature and poor adhesive tape, glue easily in the northern cold climate; hot melt adhesive, low temperature resistance, resistance to low temperature of -40 DEG C. Moreover, the hot melt adhesive storage period of up to 2 years, store covers an area of small, no storage requirements; and tape storage is valid only for half a year, also requires a certain storage conditions, otherwise easy metamorphism.
Hot melt adhesive also provides a good anti-theft function, because the adhesive penetration into the corrugated, any attempt to open the box will be tearing fiber. Adhesive tape is available in a knife cut open, imperceptibly take contents and again sealing.

Beautiful appearance
Today, the business requirements for packaging in the delivery of goods at the same time, but also through the packing pattern design to convey the product and company image. Therefore, factors inhibiting less up appearance. Tape is often occluded image transmission interference, packaging information; and hot melt adhesive in between is broken, can provide greater display space.

Low cost
The use of hot melt adhesive sealing speed, the bonding process only needs 1~3 seconds to complete, suitable for mass production, less energy consumption, low cost. Hot melt adhesives standard corrugated carton sealing cost about 32 yuan /1000 box, this is the middle price of hot melt adhesive tape sealing, while the middle price of about 120 yuan /1000 box.
Such as the use of hot melt adhesive, machining process with glue will not cause downtime and replacement of adhesive tape will need to stop. Moreover, the box can not be installed clapboard, sealing strength is greater than the tape sealing when internal baffle sealing strength, can reduce the cost of diaphragm.

Hot melt adhesive selection
Hot melt adhesive with different bonded materials with different affinity, in order to make the hot melt adhesive better play "sticky", therefore, carefully consider the following factors should be in the selection of hot melt adhesive at.
Color: because be adhered in different colors, the hot melt adhesive should have different color requirements. If be adhered to the color itself has no special requirements, recommend the use of yellow, hot melt adhesive, in general, better than white viscous yellow hot melt adhesive.
Be adhered surface treatment: hot melt adhesive is adhered to surface treatment of no other adhesive so strict, but by the dust, the adhesive surface of the oil should be properly treated, can play a better role of hot melt adhesive bonding.
Working time: work fast is a major characteristic of hot melt adhesive. The operation time of hot melt adhesive in 15 seconds, with modern production methods widely used -- line, requirements for the operation time shorter and hot melt adhesive.
Anti temperature: hot melt adhesive is sensitive to temperature. The temperature reaches a certain degree, hot melt adhesive begins to soften; below a certain temperature, hot melt adhesive will become brittle, so the choice of hot melt adhesive must fully consider the change of environmental temperature.
Viscous: hot melt adhesive is divided into early and late sticky sticky. Only early and late sticky sticky consistency, in order to make the hot melt adhesive and is adhered to maintain stability. In the production of hot melt process, should ensure that it has antioxidant, anti halogenated, acid alkali and plasticity.   

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