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Labour costs are so high that it's urgent to reduce manpower...2017-06-26

Shenzhen Nuosheng Technology Development Co. Ltd production of automatic hot melt adhesive spraying can replace manual, in many industries to save materials, improve efficiency.[more]

Hot Melt Adhesive Machine Manufacturers2014-11-05

Shenzhen Nuosheng Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales as one of the wholly-owned enterprises , is R & D team in Shenzhen , \"efficient \" , \" energy\" concept development \"Nuosheng\" own brand , ded...[more]

The use of hot melt adhesive machine and daily maintenance2014-09-04

A, hot melt glue machine in the installation of security matters:1 installation of hot melt adhesive machine, must be connected to a correct and effective grounding. Any use of high-voltage devices require a ground, without the use of ground, there are...[more]

Teach you some simple problems with hot melt adhesive machin...2014-09-04

China packaging industry in constant development, has created great opportunities for the packaging industry, at the same time hot melt adhesive machine in the packaging industry has been highlighted. Hot melt glue machine is widely used in sanitary pr...[more]

Roson hot melt adhesive machine a platform of various types2014-09-04

The market demands for spraying technology is increasing day by day, roson and proposes a hot melt adhesive spraying machine electronic commutation technology. Base machine a standard, with a variety of specifications, and various equipment combination...[more]

Attentione of Hot melt adhesive machine used on mattress 2014-09-04

This chapter mainly described in the installation, operation and maintenance and repair of A series hot melt adhesive machine (Hot Melt Applicator), to provide the relevant safety rules and items, in order to prepare prior preparation, to prevent unnec...[more]

Application of hot melt adhesive packing in cartons will be ...2014-09-04

As a new type of carton, carton sealing form, hot melt adhesive sealing has been partially replaced the strapping packaging and packaging tape traditional, carton packaging carton packaging and wine, dairy and other products used in all kinds of food. ...[more]

The safety problems that should be paid attention to when th...2014-09-04

Safety operation of hot melt adhesive:1 avoid in a volatile and explosive materials or gas surrounding the operation of hot melt adhesive machine, hot melt glue machine spraying equipment around not flammable and explosive articles.[more]

Hot melt adhesive is green?2014-09-04

Hot melt adhesive is environmental protection? Is green? A lot of medicine, food packaging for customers will ask such questions in talks with the US hot melt glue machine manufacturers are. In fact, the guests have such doubt is normal. Because now mo...[more]

Using the method of manual hot melt glue gun2014-09-04

Using the manual hot melt glue gun:First, before the use of hot melt glue gun, first check whether the power supply electricity, support is ready, glue gun push glue is smooth.Second. The use of hot melt adhesive gun power line plug in the first 5 minu...[more]

How to correctly wash nozzle?2014-09-04

The use of hot melt adhesive cleaning nozzle, follow these steps:1The heating smokeless hot air gun, then use clean cloth to wipe clean.2 immersion nozzle of the cleaning agent, conditional word can make use of ultrasonic cleaning.3 immersion nozzle in...[more]

The use of hot melt adhesive in furniture edge in2014-09-04

In the furniture edge banding process, temperature is the key factor. Temperature including hot melts temperature, substrate temperature, sealing materials applicable temperature, ambient temperature are very important factors of edge. The substrate te...[more]

How to install the hot melt glue machine?2014-09-04

Hot melt glue machine installation:1 the hot melt glue machine placed in the appropriate location close to the base, to determine the operating panel is easy to observe the operation of the cover, plastic barrels, enough space can be opened, in order t...[more]

How to choose a good hot melt adhesive throat?2014-09-04

Hot melt adhesive machine throat inferior is likely to appear in some of the following questions:1 The insulating layer is easy to wear, appear leakage phenomenon;2 insulation sleeve fracture appear leakage phenomenon;3 The joint rust will appear leaka...[more]

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