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Box sealing machine

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Hot melt sealing machine

Title:Hot melt sealing machine
Category:Box sealing machine
Description:NUOSHENG hot melt sealing box machine is an automatic gluing, adhesion of automation equipment. It is suitable for multi specification product packaging, stable performance, simple operation, stainless steel body, simple and beautiful.

Product Brief:

Semi automatic glue box machine is also called spray box sealing machine, automatic glue product packaging box sealing. The automatic glue cartoning machine, semi automatic glue cartoning machine manual box after box sealing glue machine implementation. The operation time automatic glue box machine, but the application scope is very extensive, reduces the cost of small and medium enterprises to use.

Sealing machine performance characteristics:
1, suitable for all kinds of product loading box, gluing box.
2, the collector integrates automatic control production, stable performance, simple and easy operation.

3, the use of stainless steel materials, concise and generous, do not occupy space.

Technical parameters of hot melt machine:


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