The hand-held spray machine

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The hand-held spray machine

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Hand-held Spray Gun

Title:Hand-held Spray Gun
Category:The hand-held spray machine
Description:Connaught Sheng hand spraying machine spiral spray gun is a hand, a gun body light, manual switch, the operation is simple; is equipped with a universal joint has the advantages of convenient operation, widely used in mattresses, sofas, composite industry.

    The hot melt adhesive gun, with the precise opening effect, a wide variety of nozzles, can meet the requirements of different production lines, unique filter design, is conducive to cleaning and other features. General hot melt adhesive gun for a long time at high temperature of 250 degrees Celsius will not happen deformation, durable. So the hot melt glue machine is widely used in electronics factory, food factory, packing plant, and other hot melt adhesive bonding products.

    Compensate for deficiencies of automatic spray gun, meet the use of mobile demand gun body shell is made of imported materials and, resistant to 250 DEG C high temperature, to ensure high temperature for a long time can not be deformed and the gun body weight light, convenient and flexible to operate. Unique characteristics of the brace design, to prevent operating staff accidentally burn; universal joint with European advanced technology, flexible operation, durable; spiral, strip, punctate, mist fibrous variety out glue, for a variety of different industries.

Features of hand screw gun:
1 manual spiral spray gun, nozzle size can be customized.
2 according to customer requirements, adjust the spray width and different amount of glue.
3 manual switch is used to provide a more accurate turn off effect.
4 unique filter design, filtering effect is good, more easy to clean and replace.
Balance design of internal pressure of 5 glue gun.


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