Automatic Blow Guns

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Automatic Blow Guns

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Automatic line gun

Title:Automatic line gun
Category:Automatic Blow Guns
Description:NUOSHENG frictioning gun is a glue gun need to contact with the product glue, is not easy to be blocked. The design of plane scraping lip, the width of the coating and the amount of glue are adjustable. Imported solenoid valves with longer service life. It is mainly used in the compound industry, the express bag industry and so on.

The characteristics of the automatic hot-melt glue gun of NUOSHENG:

1: the gun module type structure, installation is simple and quick, no debugging needle valve, sealed with Teflon components, good touch loss compensation function, the sealing performance is more excellent.

2: the needle is made of 7075 aluminum material, the inner core with new integrated overall design, the same core of good sealing, high temperature resistant, wear-resistant, special high strength corrosion resistant material, good sealing performance, long service life.

3: the needle valve and nozzle are made by CNC machining center and numerical control lathe.

4: the size of the glue can be adjusted by the gun.

Automatic hot melt adhesive scraper:

1 the design of the precise and unique plane scraping lip, which greatly improves the coating effect of the scraping gun.

2.The  scraper is made of high wear resistant material, heat treatment and precision processing. It is not rusty and durable.

3 according to customer requirements, adjust the different spraying width and scraping amount.

4 the structure of the air opening module and the high temperature resistant imported MAC solenoid valve are adopted.

5.The operation frequency can reach 2000 times per minute, providing more accurate turn off effect.

6 unique filter network design, good filtering effect, more easy to clean and replace, scraping mouth is not easy to block.


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