Automatic Spray Gun

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Automatic Spray Gun

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Automatic glue gun

Title:Automatic glue gun
Category:Automatic Spray Gun
Description:Norsen automatic hot melt glue gun is a glue gun nozzle, sensitive reaction, suitable for a variety of silk is not high. Precision needle valve and inlet seal. Suitable for packaging, electronics, filters, toys, cosmetics and other industries.

Industry application:
1. disposable living paper: Women's sanitary napkins, baby and adult diapers, diapers and other coating.
2. packaging industry: honeycomb paperboard products, boxes, beverage tubes, read, etc.; packaging materials: adhesive tape, tape and other adhesive.
3. medical profession: medical adhesive tape, mattress, mask, band aid and so on.
4. coating industry: frictioning weaving and weaving composite coating materials.
5. furniture industry: all kinds of furniture material adhesion.
6. label industry: various labels of glue.
7. footwear industry: all kinds of shoes, such as adhesion.
8. of the cosmetics industry: product packaging, pendant adhesive etc..
9., household electrical appliance industry: foaming hot melt adhesive in household appliances such as sealing and caulking.
10. automobile industry: front and rear lights, windshield, door, logo and interior paste manufacturing.

11. filter industry: no clapboard, air filter paste, etc..

Characteristics of automatic adhesive gun for hot melt adhesive:
1, the gun body modular structure, simple and easy installation, basic debugging needle valve, sealed with Teflon OA components have good wear compensation function, the sealing performance is more excellent. ,
2, the valve die steel material in Japan, the inner core with new overall integrated design, with the core of good seal with high temperature resistance, wear resistance, special high strength corrosion resistant material, good sealing performance, long service life.
3 、 needle valve and nozzle adopt imported CNC machining center and CNC lathe.
4, the amount of glue can be adjusted by the gun body.

5, the nozzle is not plugged, no leakage, broken rubber clean.


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