Automatic Spray Gun

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Automatic Spray Gun

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Hot melt gun - screw

Title:Hot melt gun - screw
Category:Automatic Spray Gun
Description:Hot melt gum is spiral out, thin, save glue.

NUOSHENG automatic hot melt gun - screw gun characteristics:
1., the use of precision modules, imported materials wear-resistant, straight top technology, rubber break clean.
2. adopt the active gas opening and air shut off design, the reaction speed is sensitive and reliable, and the accurate opening effect is guaranteed.
3., built-in unique filter design, filtering effect is good, can reduce the blockage of the nozzle caused by the fault.
4., the United States imported sealed components, to ensure that the gun body stable operation, durable and durable.
According to the 5. gun spraying range can be customized spiral multiple modules, can expand the scope of.

6. spray speed adjustable, can work for 24 hours.

Connaught automatic screw gun matching hot melt machine, automatic spraying, improve the efficiency of production enterprises. The screw gun adopts air opening and gas shutoff technology, and the shutoff effect is good. Spiral spray, spray amount, spray area, save a lot of hot melt adhesive, adhesive effect or material.

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