Automatic Spray Gun

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Automatic Spray Gun

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Horizontal automatic spray gun

Title:Horizontal automatic spray gun
Category:Automatic Spray Gun
Description:Hot melt machine head automatic spray gun is a glue gun glue and glue clean ways. Equipped with imported electromagnetic valve and needle valve, no towing, can be equipped with two nozzles. It is suitable for sealing packing industry.

Application scope: carton sealing glue。

Automatic hot melt glue gun product characteristics

1. out of glue: spot, strip, etc.

2. the air opening precision needle valve and the imported MAC solenoid valve are adopted.

3. needle valve adopts air opening type to make it clean and not wire.

4. the high speed points are not drawn.

5. spray nozzle can be specially customized according to customer requirements, so as to achieve more perfect customer requirements.

6. plugs used in gold plated pins make the contact more good.

7. can be used in a number of brands of glue machine.


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